About the Group

The primary goal of the ICT Natural Language Dialogue Group is to create computational models of purposeful communication between individuals. These models can be used for analyzing the structure and content of human conversation and to create artificial agents who can engage in human-like interaction with people and other agents. The group has research and development expertise in a range of enabling areas, including dialogue systems, spoken and natural language understanding, dialogue management, natural language generation, speech synthesis, and evaluation of dialogue systems.

The ICT Dialogue Group has been working since 2000 on studying human dialogue, developing computational models of dialogue, building dialogue systems to interact with people, and building dialogue components of Integrated Virtual Humans.

These pages are still under construction, we are still adding all the publications and links. Other probably more complete information on publications can currently be found on individual's own website or ICT's main website.

We are looking for PhD students for next Fall. More information about the USC computer science department can be found at the department web site.

And you can apply here.

We also have occasional research opportunities for USC undergraduate and master's students, particularly in computer science and linguistics.

We are also looking for student interns (at both graduate and undergraduate levels) for next summer. Announcements of projects and applications will probably be posted here around December, with applications due around February.

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