The data comes from BladeMistress, a small non-profit low-bandwidth fantasy-oriented MMORPG. As in much larger virtual worlds, this game has players collecting resources, exploring the world, killing dragons and other monsters, practicing magic, trading items and stories. The player avatars move around in a 3D virtual world which is divided into squares. Our data includes both chat and game logs from September 2002 to August 2003.

The chat log is the record of all chat messages exchanged in the game. Each message is tagged with the time of the message (with one second resolution), the grid coordinates of the speaker, the speaker name and the message addressee. There are several different modes of messaging that determine who is going to see it: a player can broadcast the message to the whole world, limit its scope to players in the same square, direct the message to a specific player or to a group of players.

The game log records a single game activity — players killing monsters. Each activity is tagged with its time (with one minute resolution), the name of the monster and the names of the people present at the same square at the moment of the kill.

Point of Contact

Sample Dialogues

01/12/03 22:04:27 69 30 Tor tells friends Okay, start talking up the monster Gavron. The sporits told you about him.
01/12/03 22:04:27 100 45 Shard tells friends me too
01/12/03 22:04:28 97 45 Zeela tells the guild ???
01/12/03 22:04:38 65 56 Caution Flammable says i couldnt get back on the gaeme
01/12/03 22:04:40 115 45 Burto tells the guild what did buttons want you talk to me about
01/12/03 22:04:41 75 38 warphoenix2 tells everyone so the server already restarted???
01/12/03 22:04:51 69 30 Tor tells friends Let's start around 70 30. I gotta go get the monster.