The SASO-ST corpus consists of dialogues between users and the virtual human character Doctor Perez. Users play the role of Captain Kirk, an army captain tasked with convincing Dr. Perez to move his clinic, due to increased insurgent activity in the current location. Dr. Perez is hostile to the idea and will initially attempt to evade the discussion. He can only be convinced through negotiation to assure his concerns have been met. In total, over 190 dialogues with 72 users were collected. All dialogues were transcribed, and most transcripts were paired with session logs to create combined transcripts, which include time, user utterance, speech recognizer interpretation, agent's nlu and dialogue module interpretation of user utterances, and agent utterance output. Most utterances were separately annotated with semantic frames, which were used to train and evaluate the NLU component.

Point of Contact


Virtual Characters

Sample Dialogues

Captain: hello doctor perez
Dr. Perez: hello
Captain: you have to move the clinic
Dr. Perez: we need to help them
Captain: yeah but your patients are not safe here anymore
Dr. Perez: this conflict is madness it is killing people
Captain: yeah I know, but to keep the people safe you have to move the clinic. It's not safe here anymore
Dr. Perez: you are going to attack
Captain: no
Dr. Perez: we need proper supplies here
Captain: I can give you supplies if [you+]
Dr. Perez: [+you] are the threat. I need protection from you
Captain: no. but we can give you supplies if you move the clinic
Dr. Perez: I think I understand what you say
Captain: so if it's safer for your, for your patients if you if you move the clinic, and we can help you move it.
Dr. Perez: do you see that girl? she lost her mother today
Captain: [as+]
Dr. Perez: [+how] do you expect me to help these people if we move
Dr. Perez: I didn't understand what you said
Captain: uh you can help them at an alternate location? and it's more safer there
Dr. Perez: do I move the clinic from here to there?
Captain: yes, for the safety of your patients
Dr. Perez: even so
Dr. Perez: how can we move?
Captain: we can help you move and hire trucks
Dr. Perez: we won't have supplies
Captain: +supplies, if you're there
Dr. Perez: I have no transportation for these patients
Captain: we have trucks, and we can help you
Dr. Perez: there are no supplies there
Captain: yeah we, we got supplies and we can give them to you
Dr. Perez: you give the supplies there?
Captain: yes we will
Dr. Perez: even so
Dr. Perez: I can't move all these patients