Developing INOTS to support interpersonal skills practice.

TitleDeveloping INOTS to support interpersonal skills practice.
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AuthorsCampbell, J., M. Core, R. Artstein, L. Armstrong, A. Hartholt, C. Wilson, K. Georgilla, F. Morbini, E. Haynes, D. Gomboc, M. Birch, J. Bobrow, C. H. Lane, J. Gerten, A. Leuski, D. R. Traum, M. Trimmer, R. DiNinni, M. Bosack, T. Jones, R. E. Clark, and K. A. Yates
Conference NameThirty-second Annual IEEE Aerospace Conference

Abstract—The Immersive Naval Officer Training System (INOTS) is a blended learning environment that merges traditional classroom instruction with a mixed reality training setting. INOTS supports the instruction, practice and assessment of interpersonal communication skills. The goal of INOTS is to provide a consistent training experience to supplement interpersonal skills instruction for Naval officer candidates without sacrificing trainee throughput and instructor control. We developed an instructional design from cognitive task analysis interviews with experts to serve as a framework for system development. We also leveraged commercial student response technology and research technologies including natural language recognition, virtual humans, realistic graphics, intelligent tutoring and automated instructor support tools. In this paper, we describe our methodologies for developing a blended learning environment, and our challenges adding mixed reality and virtual human technologies to a traditional classroom to support interpersonal skills training.1 2