Dialog behaviors across culture and group size

TitleDialog behaviors across culture and group size
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
AuthorsHerrera, D., D. Novick, D. Jan, and D. R. Traum
Conference NameHCI International 2011
Date PublishedJuly 11-14, 2011
Conference LocationOrlando, Florida

This study analyzes joint interaction behaviors of two-person and
four-person standing conversations from three different cultures, American,
Arab, and Mexican. To determine whether people use joint interaction
behaviors differently in multiparty versus dyadic conversation, and how
differences in culture affect this relationship, we examine differences in
proxemics, speaker and listener gaze behaviors, and overlap and pause at turn
transitions. Our analysis suggests that proxemics, gaze, and mutual gaze to
coordinate turns change with group size and with culture. However, these
changes do not always agree with predictions from the research literature.
These unanticipated outcomes demonstrate the importance of collecting and
analyzing joint interaction behaviors.