Limits of Simple Dialogue Acts for Tactical Questioning Dialogues

TitleLimits of Simple Dialogue Acts for Tactical Questioning Dialogues
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsArtstein, R., M. Rushforth, S. Gandhe, D. R. Traum, and A. Donigian
Conference NameProceedings of 7th IJCAI workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems
Conference LocationBarcelona, Catalonia (Spain)

A set of dialogue acts, generated automatically by applying a dialogue act scheme to a domain representation designed for easy scenario authoring, covers approximately 72%-76% of user utterances spoken in live interaction with a tactical questioning simulation trainer. The domain is represented as facts of the form <object, attribute, value> and conversational actions of the form <character, action>. User utterances from the corpus that fall outside the scope of the scheme include questions about temporal relations, relations between facts and relations between objects, questions about reason and evidence, assertions by the user, conditional offers, attempts to set the topic of conversation, and compound utterances. These utterance types constitute the limits of the simple dialogue act scheme.

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