The Intelligent Operator Training Assistant (IOTA) project aims at producing NLP tools that can assist an operator of the JFETS system in training multiple trainees.

IOTA has several features to assist the operator:
• When enabled, IOTA automatically updates the CASTrainer interface with the relevant CFF information. For example, if the Soldier provides a grid coordinate, IOTA will extract the relevant digits and insert them into the ‘grid’ text-area where the operator would have inserted them, and IOTA will also print the Soldier’s utterance to the Mission Status text-area. In this way, IOTA keeps an up-to-date record that the operator can use to quickly recover the context of a given training session.
• When enabled and managing a CFF, IOTA will track the information that has been given by the Soldier, and IOTA will fire the mission when it has enough information.
• If it encounters problems while managing an interaction, IOTA will attempt to notify the operator through the text-area.
• IOTA records logs and sound files, which can be analyzed for further information about student behavior.

IOTA builds on the Radiobots project. And is part of the

It also includes several aspects of research on more complex radio dialogue, such as that appearing in close air support missions and situation reports.

2007 - 2009
US Army

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