The Virtual Officer Leadership Trainer (VOLT) leverages ICT’s research in Virtual Human technologies and expertise developing Mixed Reality training environments. VOLT incorporates evidence-based educational techniques, such as guided practice, with realistic scenarios to focus on the critical leadership components of communication. Adopting an innovative approach to direct instruction, VOLT utilizes classroom enhancement tools, such as student response systems, combined with Virtual Human role-players, to compliment traditional methods in instruction, discussion and evaluation. The target audience includes US Army Second Lieutenants (2LTs) and Captains (CPTs). VOLT accommodates a training environment that supports practicing interpersonal communication skills while interacting with a virtual non-commissioned officer (NCO) such as a Platoon Sergeant (SGT) or 1st Sergeant (1SG).

VOLT has been followed up with the ELITE project http://ict.usc.edu/prototypes/elite/

2009 - 2011
US Army

NLD Group Leaders

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